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Children's TV Series Anaana's Tent returning for Season 2 on APTN

Anaana's Tent - Rita Claire

Anaana's Tent is an educational series on APTN for children, and it is returning for a 2nd season with 13 new episodes this weekend. Post City Picture & Sound proudly provides closed captioning, described video, and network deliverables since its first season in 2018. The preschool TV series mixes animation, puppets, and live action. It is loosely modelled after classic educational series such as Sesame Street, Mr. Dressup, and Dora the Explorer. However, it stands out from other children shows shown in Canada since it promotes the Canadian indigenous culture by providing episodes in both English and Inuktitut.

Anaana's Tent is produced by Iqaluit-based Taqqut Productions. The program is hosted by Rita Claire Mike-Murphy, a Nunavut-based musician, who recently won the Youth Media Alliance Emerging Talent Award which aims to improve the quality of screen-based media and content for Canadian youth. Read about it on CBC here.

We are proud to be apart of a show that promotes indigenous culture to a broad spectrum of Canadians. It is a great educational show about language and culture.

Anaana's Tent will begin airing season 2 this Saturday, February 15th. Tune in to watch it on APTN in the mornings. For the full schedule, find it on APTN here.

Watch the season 2 trailer for Anaana's Tent below:

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