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Some Other Woman - Theatrical Release

We were delighted to work on the film “Some Other Woman” featuring Ashley Greene, Amanda Crew, and Tom Felton and directed by actor, director and producer Joel David Moore!

In this emotionally charged film, Moore skillfully weaves a narrative that delves into the depths of human connections, love, self-fulfillment and deception. We embark on a journey through the lens of Joel David Moore and celebrate the artistry behind "Some Other Woman."

At its core, "Some Other Woman" revolves around a woman (played by Amanda Crew) that is transported to a tropical island due to her husband's job. She finds herself entangled in an enigmatic encounter with a mysterious woman (played by Ashley Greene), leading her life to unravel as the boundaries of reality blur.

As reviewed by Avi Offer on Rotten Tomatoes, he mentions "The tropical setting becomes a character in and of itself because it provides some atmosphere and also effectively counterbalances the film's darker elements. It's refreshing to see a psychological horror film that doesn't take place in a cabin isolated in the woods or that relies heavily on jump scares to entertain the audience. In other words, director Joel David Moore and his team of screenwriters don't go for the low hanging fruit. They build suspense slowly after an opening scene teases the audience with some foreshadow. Moreover, they know when to trust the audience's intelligence and imagination while incorporating just the right amount of exposition without over-explaining or confusing the audience. The performances by Tom Felton, Amanda Crew and Ashley Greene are solid and convincingly moving sans any hamming. Director Joel David Moore wisely keeps the running time down under 90 minutes which means that he grasps the concept of restraint and that less is more. At merely 1 hour 25 minutes, Some Other Woman is a gripping psychological thriller with shades of Hitchcock and De Palma. It would pair well with Gaslight, The Double Hour, Usand L'Avventura. In a double feature with Night Swim, it would be the superior A-movie."

Through this artful storytelling, Moore invites the audience to reflect on their own experiences and choices, making "Some Other Woman" not just a film but a contemplative and transformative cinematic experience. This film was released in select theatres on January 5th!


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