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The Baker – Theatrical Release

We had the pleasure of working on the film “The Baker” starring Ron Perlman, Harvey Keitel, Elias Koteas, Joel David Moore and Emma Ho, released on July 28th 2023! The film won 4 awards at the Garden State Film Festival this year.

"The Baker" centers on a quiet, solitary man whose estranged son suddenly comes back into his life with a granddaughter he never knew existed. When his son disappears on a shady business opportunity, the baker must do everything he can to find his son and protect his granddaughter from the mob hitmen sent to find her.

The film has been receiving fantastic reviews. Whether you're a fan of Ron Perlman's captivating acting or simply in the mood for a thrilling action drama, "The Baker" is the perfect choice.

Garden State Film Festival Awards:

2023 Winner Actor Award



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