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Post City Films in TIFF 2019 Short Cuts

We're excited to share the following short films POST CITY worked on having their world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this year. As part of the Short Cuts Programme, be sure to check out the shorts "Measure" and "Flood". We worked on the sound editorial for both films as a sponsor for the Canadian Film Centre (CFC).

Full press release on the CFC website here.


World Premiere | 9 minutes

Short Cuts Programme 01

A nine-year-old boy gets suspended from school and embarks on a journey through the streets of Toronto — before returning home to face his mother — in Karen Chapman's exploration of childhood, loss, and responsibility.

Thu, Sep 05

Scotiabank Theatre


For more info and times visit:


World Premiere | 12 minutes

Short Cuts Programme 07

A queer teenage boy takes his little sister on an adventure through the city for her birthday, but their celebration comes at a cost, in Joseph Amenta's vital and unflinching drama.

Mon, Sep 09

Scotiabank Theatre


For more info and times visit:


POST CITY Picture & Sound is a full-service film, television and commercial post-production company located in the heart of Toronto's Film District with IMAX™, Dolby™, and THX™ certification for Theatrical, Broadcast, and Digital releases. We are the leading boutique facility offering professional post-production services. Contact us for a screening and sound demonstration in our state of the art facility.


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