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Tailored Customer Solution

Exciting news here at Post City Picture & Sound. We have just finished setting up a fibre optic connection for our film client "Blue Iguana", shooting in the Cayman Islands. This is a complete "end-to-end" pipeline-enabled workflow that is incredible because we are servicing a client in a remote location in the middle of the Caribbean, thousands of miles away from our studios.

The C3 Networks fibre optic connection is a high-speed internet connection that runs directly to the DIT's (Mark Kudel) hotel room — configured with a static IP address, it's completely isolated from the rest of the Kimpton Seafire Resort. The connection has ultra-fast, uninterrupted access and provides secure uploads to our aggregation team (The Matrx) and our servers — which allows for complete backups of all raw media files and metadata. We dedicated a high-bandwidth Apple computer — complete with software management and remote monitoring capabilities!

Huge thanks to Jasmine Freyn and Devon Kennaird from C3 Networks, Kelly Hamlett and Luis Del Risco from the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, and lastly from our own amazing Digital Strategist Walter-Joseph Grabowski. Thank you everyone for your wonderful work!


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