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The Adjustment

Here at Post City, we had the privilege of working on a short film called “The Adjustment.” This film was directed and produced by former Toronto Film Student Talia Faubert.

This short film tells the story of a young woman attending her first chiropractic appointment and finds herself feeling uncomfortable by the doctor’s confusing intentions.

When asked what inspired her to shoot this film, Talia said she wanted to know what is considered sexual harassment. “I soon realized that there is a huge grey area as to what that is. So when I wrote the story I wanted to have a scenario in which I could have the audience decide what exactly they thought happened,” Talia says.

Talia mentions that her intention when making this film was to show the audience how a person feels when they are in an uncomfortable situation. And she accomplished this through the main character of the film.

‘The Adjustment’ has recently won Best Editing, Best Picture and Best Director in the Toronto Film School Festival of Films.

Post City proudly provided all sound services.



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