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The Man Who Became Everything

On October 1, 2020, during the global pandemic director and producer Michael Alexander Uccello released the film “The Man Who Became Everything.”

Synopsis: While being stalked by interdimensional entities plotting humanity’s extinction, the last human survivor of an unknown invasion is driven by madness to escape his self-quarantine, facing the horror of becoming everything.

The film was written, shot and produced in just over a week with a crew of five and shot on Super-16. “There was something about the script and themes we were trying to convey which worked so well for the time and answered so many of our questions that we had in the strange strange madness which came to be in March 2020,” Michael says.

Director Michael Alexander Uccello credits American writer H.P. Lovecraft as the main influence for the making of this film: “Not only have I resonated with his work through the fear of the unknown and belief in the unfathomable cosmic beings that may dominate our universe, but also in its effect on the mind” he explains. Actually, he adds, any story he has ever wanted to tell brings upon a fatal descent into madness without a resurfacing to the character’s previous reality.

The film was selected to play at the 25th Annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival from October 2-4, 2020 in Portland, Oregon at the historic Hollywood Theatre.

Post City provided mixing, mastering and deliverables for the film. This was the second collaboration between Michael and Post City, after his award-winning short film ‘Dreamcatcher’.



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